Finally, the official release dates are there !

- Availability of the new album on our official website( SHOP ) : May 9, 2015
- Release of the video from "Unchain Me" on our YouTube Channel : May 16, 2015
- Official release in Europe: June 19, 2015
- Official release in the US: July 7, 2015
Odd Memories - Unchain Me 22/04/2015
Some of our fans who subscribed to our YouTube channel had the exclusivity to hear that song. Those who haven't, will have the opportunity to discover it in its entirety the 16th of May 2015 at 10am at our official release of the clip UNCHAIN ME on Youtube.
Odd Memories - Hold On 15/04/2015
Already the seventh musical teaser of our new album "Odd Memories"! This track called "Hold On" is the ballad of the album. Indeed, occasionally we highlight our tender side to make you happy!
Odd Memories - D.C.M.N. 08/04/2015
Sixth preview from Odd Memories : "Don't call my name" (D.C.M.N.) is a progressive song with some Symphony X influences. Will u enjoy it ?
Odd Memories - Love Hurts 01/04/2015
Trailer Time ! This week, you can listen a preview from our most progressive song from Odd Memories. Inspired by some best progressive bands as Dream Theater or Circus Maximus ! What did you expect with a song called "Love Hurts" ?
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    "Odd Memories" New Album
    EU: 19.06.2015
    US: 07.07.2015

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