16/11/2019 Kuurne Metal Fest More infos Kuurne BE
09/11/2019 TBA TBA Eastern Europe TBA
08/11/2019 TBA TBA Eastern Europe TBA
07/11/2019 TBA More infos TBA Eastern Europe TBA
31/08/2019 Leymfest More infos Leyment FR
26/05/2019 MTC Cologne with DGM & Tomorrow's Eve More infos Cologne DE
25/05/2019 headCRASH Hamburg with DGM & Tomorrow's Eve More infos Hambourg DE
24/05/2019 Neushoorn with DGM & Tomorrow's Eve More infos Leeuwarden NL
23/05/2019 Rock Box with DGM & Tomorrow's Eve More infos Luxembourg Luxembourg
22/05/2019 BEL AIR BREDA Café Zaal with DGM & Tomorrow's Eve More infos Breda NL
21/05/2019 Ragnarock Live Club with DGM & Tomorrow's Eve More infos Bree BE
20/05/2019 Canal 10 With DGM & Tomrrow'sEve More infos Hautrage BE
19/05/2019 Moonlight Music Hall with DGM & Tomorrow's Eve More infos Diest BE
18/05/2019 Kleiner Klub with DGM & Tomorrow's Eve More infos Sarrebruck DE
17/05/2019 Backstage München with DGM & Tomorrow's Eve More infos Munich DE
16/05/2019 Colos-saal with DGM & Tomorrow's Eve More infos Ashafenburg DE
21/04/2019 DE Boerderij Cultuurpodium with Seventh Wonder More infos Zoetermeer NL
20/04/2019 Moonlight Music Hall with Seventh Wonder More infos Diest BE
19/04/2019 Canal 10 with Seventh Wonder More infos Hautrage BE
17/04/2019 Colos-saal with Seventh Wonder More infos Aschaffenburg DE
23/03/2019 With Manigance / Kingcrown / Fortunato Lyon FR
17/02/2019 With Kingcrown & Black Tree Vultures Bree Oppiter BE
16/02/2019 Spirit & Friends MEtal Fest Calonne Ricouart FR
15/02/2019 with Kingcrown Volmerange-Les-Mines BE
09/12/2018 with Geoff Tate Hautrage BE
08/12/2018 with Geoff Tate Westerlo BE
15/09/2018 Raismes FEST with Sons OF Apolo , ...
More infos
07/09/2018 With SErenity + Temperance +Alight
Le Cercle by Hell&M Prod asbl
Rue du Monument, 4, 7160 Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont - BE More infos
Chapelle-Lez- Herlaimont BE
31/08/2018 with Serenity + Temperance + Alight
Red Studio 4120 Route de Tournai
59500 Douai -FR More infos
Douai FR
03/03/2018 Rock of Ages Fest with Pagan's Mind

Oerkroeg Schiller
Prinsenstraat 4, 7121 AG Aalten More infos
AG AaLten NL
03/03/2018 with Pagan's Mind

Het Debuut
boskant 10, 2260 Westerlo
More infos
Westerloo BE
02/03/2018 With Pagan's Mind @ Red Studio 4120 Route de Tournai à 59500 Douai More infos Douai FR
24/02/2018 With Endeavour @ Le Midland 192 rue d'Arras 59000 Lille More infos Lille FR
23/02/2018 Le Cercle 4 rue du Monument 7160 Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont More infos Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont BE
25/11/2017 with Praying Mantis ....
The Rock Den
Link drive
AL10 8TP Hatfield - UK
Hatfield UK
18/11/2017 Titans Fest with Out the monster & Fear mother rage Lens (BE) BE
04/11/2017 M.A.C.C Fest
CC De Wieke, Wiekeplein 1, 8540 Deerlijk More infos
Deerlijk BE
27/05/2017 METALGRESIFEST with Myrath / DGM / Flayed / Back Roads / Y Blues
Rue Aimé Paquet, 38660 Saint-Vincent-de-Mercuze More infos
Saint-Vincent de MErcuze FR
26/05/2017 with DGM & Inepsys
Connexion Live
8 rue Gabriel Peri, 31000 Toulouse More infos
Toulouse FR
14/01/2017 Le Garage Café
4 rue de Prémy, 59400 Cambrai More infos
Cambrai FR
16/12/2016 Canal 10 Quai Beuten 7334 Hautrage
with Machine Gun & HOMe
Hautrage BE
23/10/2016 Chez Paulette with SERENITY /Amon Sethis & Sacred Seal
343 Rue Régina Kricq
54200 Pagney-derrière Barine (FR) More infos
Pagney-Derrière Barine FR
18/09/2016 with DGM
"De Meister"
250 Burgemeesterlemmenstraat
6163 Geleen
Geleen NL
17/09/2016 with DGM
"Moonlight Music Hall"
7 Nijverheidslaan
3290 Diest
Diest BE
16/09/2016 with DGM
"Titans Club"
Grand Place , 8
7870 Lens
Lens BE
15/05/2016 Tongerse Feesten Rockstage Tongeren BE
08/05/2016 The Carlisle,
24 Pelham Street, Hastings, TN34 1PE - UK
with Fireforce + guests
Hastings UK
07/05/2016 The Rock Den
Link drive, AL10 8TP Hatfield, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
with Fireforce + guests
Hatfield UK
06/05/2016 Scruffy Murphys
Newton Street, Dale End, B4 7LN Birmingham - UK
with Fireforce + guests
Birmingham UK
05/05/2016 Grand Central
80 Oxford Street, M1 5NH Manchester - UK
With Fireforce + guests
Manchester UK
04/05/2016 O'Rileys
83 Beverley Road, HU3 1XR Kingston-upon-Hull - UK
With Fireforce + guests
Kingston Upon Hull UK
23/04/2016 Titans Club
8 Grand place / Lens - BE
with Ethernity & Black Cube
Lens BE
19/03/2016 Hainaut Metal Fest with Innerfire / Black Harmonia / Hybrid Viscery / Rivans & Strutters
La Taverne du Théâtre
Place Communale, 23, 7100 La Louvière More infos
La Louvière - BE BE
19/02/2016 Le Salon de Silly with Machine Gun Silly - BE BE
13/02/2016 Le Divan Du Monde with Dygitals / Gang & Factor Hate
75018 PARIS More infos
Paris - FR FR
09/01/2016 Moonlight Music Hall with Irradiance
Nijverheidslaan 7
3290 Diest More infos
Diest -BE BE
05/12/2015 St-Nicolas Metal Fiesta with Machine Gun / Rolling Muppets & Black Cube
Canal 10 quai Beuten 7334 Hautrage -BE

More infos
Hautrage -BE BE
07/11/2015 Kraken Metal Fest More infos Soignies BE
24/10/2015 RockinG (Grigny Festival)
Centre Culturel Brenot
5 rue Waldeck Rousseau
69-Grigny More infos
Grigny (Lyon) FR
11/09/2015 Raismesfest 2015

with : X-RATED, MAX PIE Official, Eldorado & Freak Kitchen

Chateau de la princesse d'Arenberg
59590 - RAISMES
FRANCE More infos
Raismes FR
12/04/2015 L'Ampérage More infos Grenoble FR
11/04/2015 Salle Fantôme Grigny FR
10/04/2015 L'Usine More infos Istres FR
22/11/2014 Metal For Angels Fest
Zall De Roos
Ninove BE
04/11/2014 M.A.C.C. Fest
CC De Wieke, Wiekeplein 1, 8540 Deerlijk More infos
Deerlijk BE
01/11/2014 Salles des fëtes with Vandenplas, Diamond Head ...
Vouziers FR
HEIRSTRAT 247A - 3630 Maasmechelen
Maasmechelen BE
25/10/2014 De Schalm
Landwaardslaan 99
Genk - Rebelrock BE
13/09/2014 The New Club - FREE ENTRANCE
Rallye Musical
St Ghislain BE
12/09/2014 Tontestraat 8510 Kortrijk Courtrai BE
05/09/2014 METALWAR FESTIVAL Budapest (Népliget Park) HU
08/06/2014 Underwall Fest Zadar HR
03/05/2014 PROG TIME Fest with LALU / JHON MACALUSO & Friends ... De Reunie - 1 Wilhelminastraat - Geleen ( NL) Geleen NL
26/04/2014 (Lightning Prod) Masure 14 - Rue As-Pois, 7
Tournai 7500
Tournai BE
11/04/2014 Durbuy Rock Fest
with Sonata Artica, Stratovarius ...
Durbuy BE
21/03/2014 TITANS FEST LottoMonsClub 7000 Mons BE
01/02/2014 Le Viziteur
10 rue Henri Kolb
59800 Lille, France
Lille FR
08/12/2013 Brin de Zinc à Chambéry (73) with Amon Sethis Chambery (73) FR
07/12/2013 with Amon Sethis Grenoble - L'ampérage FR
30/11/2013 Canal 10 with Adam Bomb, Gang, Spirit, Time killers Hautrage BE
17/11/2013 with ANDROMEDA/Damnation Angels/Until Rain -
Verlichete Geest
middenstraat 23
8800 Roeselare BE
15/11/2013 With EVERGREY - zaal Jagersborg Heirstraat 247A 3630 Maasmechelen BE
12/11/2013 with FREAK KITCHEN Relais du Vieux Comté 7543 Mourcourt (Tournai) BE
02/11/2013 KRAKEN METALFEST - Centre culturel Soignies BE
31/10/2013 with QUEENSRYCHE Deinze - Brielpoort BE
with Symphony X, Rhapsody of Fire, Freak Kitchen
Hamont-Hachel BE
08/06/2013 UNDERWALL Festival
with Destruction, Xentrix, Infernal Tenebra...
Zadar HR
12/04/2013 PPM Fest
with Avantasia, Helloween, Stratovarius...
Mons/Bergen BE
19/01/2013 2000 TONS OF METAL Cruise Be/NL BE/NL
with Tip Trigger, Vision Divine
Lakei NL
15/12/2012 MOONLIGHT Metalfest
with Vision Divine,Tank(UK),Savage, Saint Deamon...
Tongeren BE
20/10/2012 ROMMELROCK Winterfest
with Hell, Fireforce, Ex-Libris...
Massmechelen BE
22/09/2012 Sauber Slaughter Festival Tongeren BE
15/09/2012 Canal 10
with Drakkar...
Hautrage BE
08/09/2012 RAISMESFEST
with Pretty Maids,Girlschool, Naplm Death
17/08/2012 TUROCK
with Crimson Glory
Essen DE
22/07/2012 SOS Festival - Radcliffe Civic Hall Manchester UK
15/07/2012 The Garage
with Jon Oliva's Pain
London UK
13/07/2012 Zero 13 Popcentrum
with Jon Oliva's Pain
Tilburg NL
10/07/2012 LIVE CLUB
with Jon Oliva's Pain
Milan IT
09/07/2012 Z 7 Konzertfabrik
with Jon Oliva's Pain
Pratteln CH
05/07/2012 Biebop
with Jon Oliva's Pain
Vosselaar BE
04/07/2012 De Boerderij
with Jon Oliva's Pain
Zoetermeer ZH NL
03/07/2012 COLOS SAAL
with Jon Oliva's Pain -
Aschaffenburg DE
30/06/2012 DOKKEM OPEN'AIR Festival Leeuwarden NL
29/06/2012 TUROCK
with Jon Oliva's Pain
Essen DE
"Odd Memories" New Album
EU: 19.06.2015
US: 07.07.2015

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