D&C Guitars Endorsement 26/06/2014
We are proud to announce the endorsement of Damien
by D&C Metalbodyguitars
Soultone Cymbals Endorsement 02/04/2014
We are proud to announce the endorsement of Sylvain
by Soultone Handmade Turkish Cymbals !
New bass palyer 12/10/2013
We are proud to announce our new bass player :
Lucas Boudina !
Earth's Rules video available 28/06/2013
Earth's Rules video available on Youtube :
Buy It Now ! 29/05/2013
"Eight Pieces - One World" already available on
Belgium based Max Pie are a power/prog metal act that are only just getting the credit they deserve.
Since forming in 2005, the band have gone on numerous tours, played numerous festivals, but unfortunately only waited until 2011 to record their debut album.

Now in 2013, Max Pie have finally released their killer album entitled Eight Pieces-One World.
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    "Odd Memories" New Album
    EU: 19.06.2015
    US: 07.07.2015

    Available now on
    Official Max Pie Online Shop
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