Welcome to Thibaut Basely 12/04/2016
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ODD FUTURE (lyrics video) 04/03/2016
Enjoy our new lyrics video : ODD FUTURE ...
A new guitar palyer ... 03/03/2016
Due to some changes in Damienís life and not to impede the progress of the band, we decided by mutual agreement to stop our collaboration.
Itís never easy to say goodbye to someone,especially after 2 amazing albums!
We would like to say thank you to Damien for everything he has done for Max Pie and we wish him all the best with whatever the future may bring.
We will reveal soon our new guitar playe... Stay Tuned !
Promised Land 01/09/2015
Promised Land (Official Lyrics Video)
Don't Call My Name 12/06/2015
Don't Call My Name (Official Lyrics Video)
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    "Odd Memories" New Album
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